How To Straighten Beard Hair – 5 Easy Steps

Man with straight beard

Like the hair on your head, your beard hairs can be straightened. In these 5 easy steps we will show you exactly how to straighten beard hair. The use of strong chemicals from commercial hair straighteners can leave very curly dry hair brittle, which is prone to breakage. However, there are alternatives that allow hair on the chin to be treated as if it were head hair.


Although beard hair is somewhat coarser, you can still get the results you want without damaging the hair.


How To Straighten Beard Hair – Instructions

Shampoo and Conditioning


Shampoo and condition your beard to remove dirt, debris and product residue from it. Rinse your beard with warm water and pat with a towel to remove excess moisture.


Comb Your Beard

Apply a serum to straighten your beard hairs. Secondly, comb your beard hair to distribute the serum. The serum helps to smooth the hair during the drying process and protects the hair from damage caused by heat styling tools. Unlike chemical hair straighteners, serums do not change the texture of your hair. Moreover they are simply deposited on the strands to help prevent frizz and maintain softness.


How To Straighten Beard Hair: Dry Up

How to straighten beard hair

Dry your beard with a hair dryer while you comb through it. Run a comb through your beard from the roots to the ends. Use a fine-toothed comb so you can easily pull the hairs straight. Point the nozzle of the blow dryer downwards on the hair you are combing to sit the cuticles of the hair shafts flat. Work in 1 inch sections if you have a large beard that extends from ear to ear. Now keep combing until your beard is dry.


Beard Straightener

Use the best beard straightener if your beard is very curly and not completely straight yet. Wet the beard’s hair with the protective heat of the spray before using the iron. Now keep a 1 inch section of beard hair at the roots, and place it between the jaws of the straightening iron. Slowly move the straightening iron to the ends of the beard hairs. Do this until all beard hairs are straightened.


Beard Straightening Serum

Apply some of the straightening serum to your dry straightened beard hair. The extra serum helps keep hair straight and keeps frizz at bay.

Now you know how to straighten beard hair. Follow these 5 easy steps. You will have a straightened and amazing beard to show off.

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