5 Best Beard Straightener 2020 Ranked – Tame Your Wild Beard

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The best beard straightener of 2020 is waiting. Are you struggling with the curly and frizzy-looking beard?


Try these from our list of the best beard straightener for man and say goodbye to oils, balms, and facial grease. What’s even better? Some of these beard straighteners works wonders on hair too!


Some lesser-known fact is that growing a thick beard is as hard as keeping it healthy and sleek. Most of us are really just on the look-out for that key element that our beard is missing. Thus, in this article, we will evaluate 5 of the best beard straightener to use in 2020, so that you can choose the product that fits you the best.


Want to know more about how you can keep that beard looking great? Keep reading to find out.


5 Best Beard Straightener


Product Review:

1) Aberlite MAX 


Want to give the perfect Christmas gift to your man? Well, look no further. This is our #1 recommendation for best beard straightener 2020.


This best beard straightener for man is designed to smoothen out facial hair without the risks of burning or damaging your face. What makes this unique feature possible is the temperature settings, so you can use all the right temperatures that suit you.


Aberlite MAX


Want to know more? That’s what we thought. It has a unique PTC heating technology that maintains a consistent heat level, hence eliminates the risks further. With its 360 Degree swivel cord and auto safety shut off, you can relax and straighten your beard at any angle. And don’t worry if you leave the house without turning off the power – the device shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of discontinued use. Amazing, isn’t it?


Check Aberlite MAX on Amazon.

Let’s jump into its pros and cons, shall we?


  • Auto safety shut-off.

  • Anti-static coating.

  • Anti-scald design.

  • Advances ionic conditioning.

  • Not recommended for short beards (less than 2 inches).

  • Not lightweight.

2) Invjoy – VIKICON Beard Straightener –

For those who struggle to get the Viking look, this product will sustain your dreams. Yes, you read that, right!

INVJOY Beard Straightener

Getting the Viking look isn’t easy as you must tame that straggly and frizzy beard into submission. But in order to build the Viking culture, this Invjoy Vikicon beard straightener is the best and renowned because of its unique features.


It comes with a cordless hair straightener brush, so you can forget about detangling the wires every time you use it. This specification also makes it handy and travel-friendly. If you’re worried about having a heating device too close to your hair and face, don’t be.


It comes with high safety features with an electronic board that adopts the EML and CCC standard. The materials used in this product are temperature resistant. But wait, there’s more. This best beard straightener is suitable for both men and women. Now, that’s a deal that anybody would get on board with, right? Let’s hop onto its pros and cons.


Check VIKICON Bear Straightener on Amazon.


  • Temperature control.

  • Auto-off option.

  • Cordless.

  • Charge isn’t long-lasting.

  • Less durable than contemporaries.

3) Arkam Beard Straightener –

In need of the best beard straightener for erratic, frizzy hair? You will need a premium stealth pocket comb to tame those crazies. But don’t worry because you’ve just hit the jackpot.

arkam beard straightener

This best beard straightener for black hair supports 110-240v, which makes it operable all around the world.  Besides, don’t you hate it when you have to go with stroking your mane multiple times? Well, good news –with this device’s SST single stroke technology, you can whip up the sleekest looking beard within the least amount of time. You can straighten your beard in a flash due to the heat gauge and ION technology.


We’re not done yet. You can have your peace of mind with its anti-scald design and versatility too. But here’s the catch – the device comes with a money-back guarantee if it fails to tame your beastly beard. Sounds good?


Check Arkam Beard Straightener on Amazon.


  • Auto shut-off

  • Rapid 30-second heat-up

  • Suitable for women.

  • Works great if accompanied by beard oil.

  • Not recommended for a short beard

4) LONOVE 3-in-1 Beard Straightener –

Let’s kick off with one of the best beard straightener 2020, which promises multi-functionality and is exclusively designed to have an effortless soft finish for every beard.

lonove beard straightener

If you’ve read this far, you must’ve gotten upset over the lack of product directed for a short beard. Well, now is your time to shine because, with this device, any beard length can be straightened in less than a minute. Yes, you’ve read it right – less than a minute.


This time-saving straightener is specialized to heat-up within 30 seconds and can straighten large chunks of hair in one go, which shortens your styling time. It also comes with three temperature modes with the safety of usage in each, so that you can adjust to your best-liked setting without the aversions of burns and overheating.


And you know what? It’s perfect for beastly hair as the comb allows hydration, and the bristles will not break off. If you’re looking for a purchase that will leave you relieved after sales – you’re set!


Check LONOVE 3-in-1 on Amazon


  • Comes with extra pearwood comb.

  • CE FCC ROHS certified.

  • Portable.

  • Hydrate and smooth technology.

  • Can burn yourself on edge.

5) CYZOR Beard Straightener For Men –


Are you ready to ditch your old, mid-ranged straightener? This consistent premium 2-in-1 beard straightener for man will captivate your beard like no other. If you’re especially tired of detangling and tearing apart your stubborn facial hair, you need a ceramic-coated straightener.


Yes, this product has the specification. What’s more? Well, it has PTC technology for rapid and safer styling. The 60-second heat-up feature, along with an easy-to-read LCD screen, makes this product a steal. And, we don’t want to undermine the contemporaries, but it has a boasting five temperature setting. Yes, you’ve read that right.


This multi-feature caters to any kind and length of hair. This magnificence also has a sunken power button to avoid accidents and an auto 30-minute shut-off feature. This petite device creates a huge difference due to its anti-scald design without ever damaging your precious hair.


What are you waiting for? Get this for your anniversary and surprise your spouse with the best!

Check CYZOR Beard Straightener on Amazon


  • Universal voltage

  • Compliments beard oil

  • Ergonomic

  • Includes a carrying pouch and silicon coat

  • Not compatible with all styling products.

  • Over-priced.



The big secret is out. This is the part where you make a rational decision, but we know you still may be a little confused, so let’s render to that too. The best beard straightener will deliver your desired results based on your type and length of the beard, application time, products accompanied with the straightener, the service you crave, and price point.


Let’s clarify further, all the products mentioned above are great, but everything isn’t compatible with everyone, right? So, lay your grounds well.


However, as the editor’s choice, we would recommend the Aberlite MAX as the best beard straightener for man. So, what are you waiting for? Your wild beard needs to be tamed. Now make it happen.

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