Fix Patchy Beard: What Can You Do

fix patchy beard

Starting to grow a beard is for many men a moment of frustration, especially when you need to fix patchy beard – expectations exceed reality.


Unfortunately, this problem causes many men who start growing a beard to end up shaving completely and abandoning the idea altogether. Except in very extreme cases, it is possible to enjoy a complete and beautiful beard even with a patched beard. Here we are not going to give you “miracle” remedies so that your beard starts to grow in a magical way in those places where it didn’t grow before.


No, unfortunately miracles do not exist. That the beard does not grow where it should is something genetic. However this should not make us give up. We are going to give you some advice to improve your beard and so that, even if you have some patches, you can still enjoy a full beard.


Fix Patchy Beard: Be patient


We have commented on this in many articles, and it may seem like a truism, but you don’t know how many men abandon the idea of growing a beard simply because they lack patience. After a few weeks they see that their beard does not grow as fast as expected and that it also grows patchy.


Many expect immediate results and that’s where the frustration begins. But if you are patient, as the hair grows you will notice that the beard hair will begin to cover those patchy areas.


Second tip: Use a brush


As our beard grows, we want it to grow down and not out like a porcupine’s coat. For this it is convenient to use a good brush. The brush will allow us to tame our beard and help it grow in the desired direction.


This will also help us to make the beard’s hair fall over those patched areas so we can hide the patches we may have. If you want to learn how to comb your beard, we have a guide for that! 


Third tip: Help your beard


Help your beard? Yes, it helps your beard to grow healthier and stronger by taking care of it with specific products. We are not talking about chemicals that promise to make your beard grow like there is a tomorrow. We are talking about natural products that nourish and moisturize your skin and with this you will get a healthier and stronger beard. Get a good oil, you will eliminate itching, flaking and promote the growth of your beard.


the best beard balmIf you have a thin, patchy beard, we also recommend using a balm. Why? Because balms contain waxes and fats that will adhere to your beard hairs and help give it body. Besides looking thicker, you will be able to dominate your beard and adjust it to look more uniform and homogeneous. The best balm, by far is Honest Amish Beard Balm which has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars with 84% of customers rating it a clean 5 stars. This balm is all natural, made in the USA and highly recommended for anyone who wants a thicker better looking beard. Read more reviews here.


Fix Patchy Beard: One last piece of advice


Don’t waste your time and money on “miracle” products that promise to make your beard grow in those places where it doesn’t. If there is no hair follicle there is no hair, it’s that simple. If you have a patchy beard, be patient, give yourself time and take care of it. You will see how the frustration of the first weeks will turn into happiness when you realize that your patched beard is now a full beautiful beard.

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