How To Comb Your Beard – A Guide

how to comb your beard

How to comb your beard can be a delicate subject, since every person has a face shape and every beard is different, but we will try to treat it in a general way.


Choosing the right moment


As in all things, choosing the right time to comb your beard can mean the difference between a good result and a mediocre one.


Amish beard oilThe best time to comb the beard is after applying a moisturizer. The best moisturizers are oils for the beard, since they add weight to the hair and make it easier to untangle the knots that occur in our beard every day. Our team has found that the best oil on the market is the Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil. With a solid rating of 4.5 out of 5, this all natural USA made beard oil has all the vitamins needed to enhance your beard and make it healthier. You can read more about it here


This lubrication for combing the beard is very important to avoid pulling and breaking hair, which makes a pleasant ritual like combing the beard, an unpleasant experience.


The moment we should avoid is right after the shower, still with wet hair. In these moments, after having washed the beard, our hair is vulnerable and we run the risk of pulling it out, thus losing hairs that otherwise we would not lose, which directly affects the volume of our beard.


You should also avoid combing the beard after using the dryer, while it is still hot, because as with wet hair, it becomes weak. It is advisable to wait a few minutes to let it cool down.


Choose the right tools


It may seem that any comb is good for your beard, but nothing could be further from the truth.


The size and distance between the teeth of a comb must be adequate to the size and density of our beard to obtain the maximum benefit when combing it. A small, soft-haired beard will not need much thickness or spacing between teeth just as a large, dense beard should not use small combs or beads with teeth too close together.


The material they are made of plays a decisive role, since beard hairs generate a lot of friction and therefore static electricity. A cheap plastic comb will electrify our beard, preventing us from taming the unruly hairs, which will end up on end and scattered. If you want to read about how to take care of a beard you can find out more on our dedicated article.


Another thing to take into account is the finish of the comb. A plastic comb made in a mold is prone to have sharp edges and teeth with marks that are going to get stuck in our hairs, breaking and cutting them and therefore, diminishing our beard.


beard care comb kitThe best beard kit we can find is the Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men. Their combs and brushes are handmade and polished, avoiding unpleasant incidents in our combing experience. Also, the kit comes with quality balm, oil and mustache scissors, making it a must have kit for beard enthusiasts. Customers who have purchased this product have rated it 4.7 stars out of 5. You can read more about it here.


Follow the correct procedure


The way we comb our beards has a great influence on the final result we are going to obtain.


It can’t be an aggressive hairstyle, pulling and with quick passes. We have to go little by little, untangling the knots that we find. For this, the best way is to stop when we reach a knot and run our fingers through the area. Then we continue combing.


With this we avoid pulling the hair, which, besides being unpleasant, will almost certainly break some hair.


It is important to pass the comb through the whole beard, from top to bottom and from the sides to the center. In this way, we will also tame the hair and educate it to grow in the right direction.


Remember that to get a better result, we must go from a bigger comb size to a smaller one, so if you can start combing with a skeleton comb and finish with a beard comb, the experience will be much more optimal.

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