How To Shave A Beard Step By Step

How To Shave A Beard

How to shave a beard is a question nearly every man has asked at least once in their lives. Shaving is an art and every man gotta learn this art. Shaving with care by giving attention to every detail, as compared to running the razor across your jaw with no rhyme or reason makes all the difference between a rookie and an artist. You gotta know how to do that, mate. That’s why here at Beard Straightener HQ we’re giving you some essential tips on how to shave your beard properly. Here we go!


Pre-shave is important


To get the perfect shave, make sure your beard is wet before applying the cream. This will soften the hair and help your razor glide smoothly. In addition, you will reduce cuts and prevent skin irritation.

Now, you could moisturize with water or you could be a bit more classy and get a nice pre-shave oil. We have got an awesome recommendation for a pre-shave oil that would make shaving experience comfortable and smooth. Apply a small amount of Premium Pre-Shave Oil to your wet face to create a protective film.


How to shave properly


Now it’s time to shave! It’s time to go under the razor. How to get a good shave with a razor? Use a quality razor with blades that are not too worn! Use it well, you have to shave with smooth strokes, as if you were painting a canvas. Remember, the art analogy. Let the razor do its job.


Important: Rinse the blades of your razor frequently while you are shaving your beard. If you don’t, the blades won’t do their job and you’ll find areas that are less smooth than others. Avoid banging it against the sink when you rinse it! Treat it with care if you want it to last.


Don’t be afraid to shave your face against the grain. But don’t overdo it either. You can run the razor in both directions: in the direction of the hair and in the opposite direction. Use the direction you feel more comfortable as long as your razor is of high quality and its blades are double-edged to avoid causing irritation and discomfort.


Don’t forget the after shave! The aim is to close the pores and soothe your skin. The skins becomes quite sensitive right after shaving, and in addition to rehydrating the face, it heals and provides a feeling of freshness. After shaving, gently pat your face with a clean towel.


Do it with patience and care


Now you know how to shave your face like a pro. Surely before reading this post you made some of the most common mistakes, for instance, doing it in a hurry. Shave whenever you want, but we recommend that you do it with time and care. If you don’t, you can jump straight to another of the most common mistakes.


Beware of shaving every day


This is a mistake because it can cause irritation. You can fix it with a good after-shave, but skin of your face, still needs to breathe a little. So watch out for irritation and, if you need to shave your beard or neck several days in a row for a special event, try to follow the steps above to do it with a lot of care.


Change the blade when necessary


Another common shaving mistake men make is not changing their razor frequently. If you are one of those who use the same one for weeks, then it is time to bring some changes in shaving habits. A worn-out blade is not comfortable, not really smooth and can cause irritation and damage the skin in the long run.


So now you know the proper way of shaving your beard. Put these tips into practice and you’ll soon realize the difference it can make in your overall grooming experience. 


How To Shave Thick Beard5 Tips For Shaving A Thick Or Tough Beard


If you feel discomfort when shaving, it may be because you’re not shaving the right way as per the texture of your beard. No need to fight with your beard: The following tips will help you achieve a more comfortable shave.


Wash and moisturize:


Use a cleanser or facial scrub to help soften facial hair before shaving. Also, to soften facial hair and make it easier to trim, moisturize the skin with warm water for a minimum of three minutes before shaving.


Use a shaving gel that’s right for you:


It protects the skin from nicks and cuts while helping to soften the hair so the razor can glide comfortably and you get an incredibly close shave.


Try an advanced razor:


Use a multi-blade shaving system that has less closely spaced blades, such as the FUSION5 PROSHIELD, to help reduce pressure on each blade for more comfort and less irritation.


Save the best for last:


Shaving your upper lip and the area around your mouth last will give the shave gel more time to work, which will further soften your facial hair and make it easier to trim.


Check your refill:


Change your blades when you start to feel tugging or discomfort. Some shaving systems have an indicator strip that gradually whitens when you’re no longer getting a good shave.


Thank you for reading our article. You now know how to properly shave your beard step by step. You can discover the best beard products of 2021 right here.

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