Best Trimming Tips For Your Beard – Consider Face Shape

best beard trimming tips

If you want to take advantage of the best trimming tips, you’ll need to consider the shape of your face. This article explains how to style and care for the beard.


A beard requires a lot of work. It needs to be well-groomed, even more so if you go in clean-shaven. A beard frames the face, and gives a character to our style. Scruffy beards or three-day beards, which give an unhygienic effect, and can be used for relaxed days off from shaving, are not good. To know how to trim the beard, there are a few techniques that one can learn along with the tool used.


Best Trimming Tips: Types Of Beards


If you have decided to grow a beard, you must first know what type of beard suits you the best. First it, depends on the shape of your face (oval, square, triangular) and then you have to take into account the various aspects and shapes of the beard. Beards can be sparse or dense and quite long ones.


Beard Trimming TipsSome reach the sideburn, others are goatees with separate whiskers, while some are circular around the mouth area…there are many types, and some of the most adapted, according to the features of the face would be the following:


Oval or round face: Circular beards surrounding the mouth, beards separated into moustaches.
Square face: Beard up to the sideburns, beard without covering the cheekbones (balbo beard).
Rectangular faces: Chin-length beard, no moustache and up to the sideburn.


We can now take care of it as if it were hair, and wash it with a mild shampoo. Thus it does not become knotted when combing it out.


Best Trimming Tips: The Scissors


Beard Trimming ScissorsTo trim the beard with scissors, you should not keep it wet, but only damp. This because you can miscalculate the cut, and cut more than necessary. Use a comb and a mirror, and if it is a long beard, start by combing it downwards, first trimming the hairs that stick out and do not go downwards. After that, you can trim little by little from the bottom.


If the mustache needs to be trimmed in addition to the beard, comb it forward and downward and trim the protruding hairs, finishing the trimming by combing from the center to the sides.


The Electric Razor


This method is, for some, the fastest and most comfortable. Trimming the beard with scissors is usually more laborious and time-consuming. To trim the beard with clippers, you have to take into account what the beard looks like.


If it is a very bushy beard, start with a lower level of shaving with the razor. Next comb the beard, see how it looks, and go up to the next level if you want to have a closer shave.


To trim the beard with the clippers, it is best to start on one side, from one side of the sideburns and the ear, from top to bottom. To delimit the beard in the neck area, tilt the head slightly backwards. Always take the base of the nut as a reference. From there, with the razor, make a curved line that goes from the inside to the outside, parallel to the jaw. Do the same thing for the other side of the beard.


The Use Of Blades


Blades are often used by men who like to have a fairly clean-shaven beard. Likewise if you want to give a different look to the initial beard, with a more profiled beard, goatee style.


To trim the beard with a razor, the first thing to do is to apply foam and start shaving in the direction in which the hair grows, and then shave in the opposite direction. This way, what you get is a much closer shave. Use one hand to help stretch the skin and make sure that no long hairs are left behind. Afterwards, apply a moisturizing lotion to prevent possible skin irritation.


Best Trimming TipsTips and tricks for trimming the beard for best results


Trim your beard so that it looks awesome. Here are a few tricks you can use that’ll make trimming easier:


Moisturize your beard slightly. Avoid making it completely wet for a well-controlled cut.
– It is best to use a comb to comb the hair well before trimming, whether it is a moustache or a beard.
– Even if you use a razor or blades, you should also use scissors, as there are always stray hairs that need to be trimmed.
– Finally, we recommend using a moisturizing oil for full beards, which leaves the beard hair well hydrated. If used regularly, the beard will be much easier to trim.


This advice, coupled with the best trimming products will help you to always have a great looking beard. Your beard will always have a natural healthy look, and will be eye catching to everyone around you. Here is another article that might interest you: The Best Beard Balm – Beard Balm vs Beard Oil Explained.

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