How To Groom A Beard In 5 Easy Steps

How To Groom A Beard

How to groom a beard ? Well, this is such a frequently asked question, however considerable confusion still exists over it. Let’s clear things up today. The appearance of the beard says a lot about us. Doesn’t it? Just like the hairstyle or the clothes, the beard plays a pretty important role in the first impression. Therefore, it becomes even more important to have a beard that is not only groomed but also clean. According to a recent eye-opening study , there could be more bacteria in a man’s unclean beard than a dog’s fur. Ooops !  


Thus, having a clean and well-groomed beard is not only a matter of physical appearance but also of health. For this reason, we are presenting you a quick list of tricks for having a neat and groomed beard, even if you want to go with the unkempt appearance.




The beard is exposed to a lot of bacteria throughout the day; from food pieces to tobacco smoke, to a range of particles that are in the environment. In addition, in cold weather, the skin under the beard suffers from flaking too, causing further debris in the beard.


Therefore, it is important to wash your beard with soap and water in the morning and at night. The product to use cannot be the same as for the scalp, as the hair are thicker and curlier, thus it needs special care. The ideal shampoo would be a more active yet a natural one, with the aim of eliminating accumulated grease. After shampooing, don’t forget to dry your beard with a clean towel.


Man Grooming Beard2. MOISTURIZE WITH OIL


Despite the popular belief, applying a good beard oil will not make your beard look greasy. In fact, it’s essential to have an oil or balm to give your beard a healthy, manicured appearance.


By using the oil or balm, we are not only moisturizing the beard, but we are also taking care of the skin underneath. This way, we will also prevent the ends from breaking off, helping the hair to grow strong. Just like soaps and shampoos, oils and balms are composed of natural products, as chemicals would damage this area of your face.


As for its application, the ideal would be to use this oil once a day. To do this, we will pour a small amount in the palms of the hands, spreading it evenly before proceeding to put it on the beard. A few drops will be enough to give it a good look and make it easier to comb.




Even if you want to have a long, luxuriant beard, it is essential to shave and trim it fairly often. During this process, the skin can become irritated, resulting in redness and even small wounds. For this reason, aftershave lotion will close the pores, moisturizing and soothing your skin.


There are many types of lotions with different scents. It is best to choose a mild and masculine scent, such as cedarwood, juniper, orange or sandalwood.




The use of wax is usually more common on the moustache, in order to give it the desired shape and prevent it from becoming unkempt. However, this product can also be used on the beard for the same purposes. By waxing it, we will avoid tangles and an overly unkempt appearance. In addition, it is much easier to comb your beard after applying a little wax to it. It will look much more groomed and healthy.




Visiting a professional is essential. Every beard is different, so it needs different care and tricks. In addition, it is ideal that the barber is the person who draws the initial design as they will advise you when choosing the style suitable for the shape of your face and your type of beard. It is also advisable to return to the barber once a month to work on the shape and texture that you will then maintain at home.


Elements and tools to take care of a beard


To take care of a beard you will need to have a number of items and tools that will help you maintain and sanitize your beard.


Beard shampoo or beard soap: Generally, you can use your regular head shampoo to care for your beard, but some people prefer to use special soaps instead.


Beard oil: Beard oils help keep your beard shiny as well as, help break up knots. You can opt for a commercially available oil or, if you prefer, make your own.


Beard comb: The comb will help you keep your beard well-groomed and free of knots. A wide-toothed comb will be the best option to take care of your beard. For the moustache, a fine-toothed comb is better.


Scissors: You will need a medium-sized pair of scissors to be able to make precision cuts to your beard. To ensure a good cut, we recommend that you opt for a good pair of professional scissors.


Mirror: Having a good mirror is essential to maintain your beard. Optionally you can opt for one with a magnifying glass to better see the details.


Electric beard trimmer: Electric beard trimmers are an excellent tool to keep your beard uniform on short or specially shaped beards. Click on the following link to buy an electric beard trimmer.


This is our comprehensive guide on how to groom a beard in 5 easy steps. To discover how to shave a beard step by step – the best practices, visit this blog post.

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