How to Straighten Beard Hair In A Few Easy Steps

how to straighten beard hair

Want to learn how to straighten beard hair? – A smooth beard is often more attractive than a frizzy, unkempt one. That’s why some gentlemen strive to achieve the extreme smoothness they crave in their beards.


How to Straighten Beard Hair


straight beardSpecialists say there is no magic formula for smoothing beards. But they assure that care can provide very good results.


In the market there are several products that favor the state of the beard and can change its behavior. One of them is beard oil. The explanation is that prolonged use of these products softens the hair from root to tip and makes it less unruly. The technique to apply it becomes so repetitive that the hair ends up yielding to the charms of the oil.


Techniques and care that favor beard smoothing


It is known that a well-groomed beard will look better than one to which only soap and water are applied. In this case, if what you want is a smooth beard, you should adopt routines to improve its appearance.


Keeping the beard clean is essential. Excess oil will cause a coarse and unkempt appearance as well as discomfort and unpleasant odours. In this sense, applying the right beard shampoo and rinsing regularly, plus moisturizing creams, will undoubtedly reveal a smoother beard.


Daily combing is equally important. Not only to keep it tidy but also to remove weak hair that may be loose within the mass of hairs, giving a messy appearance.


In the same way, it is important to dry properly after washing the beard. The humidity will weaken the hair and cause problems such as bad smell, itching, flaking, so this step should not be missing in the routine.


Regular trimming is another important step if you want a smooth beard. This is because regular trimming, at least once a week, will promote the growth of new hair, maintain the renewal and from an aesthetic point of view will be more pleasing to the eye.


Likewise, maintaining hydration with creams, balms, special lotions for the beard will favor smoothing. As well as shampoos, they tend to soften the hair, eliminating the waves. In addition, it is important to take care of the hydration of the beard and a diet rich in Omega 3, Vitamin E and A for the constitution of the hair, making it more docile.


More tips for How to Straighten Beard Hair


If what you want is a rather rapid result and can not wait for the grooming to take effect, there is a trick that may be the secret behind many beautiful beards. It is the use of a regular hair dryer.


You just have to use it with care to avoid burning the sensitive facial skin. We recommend using a brush that is gentle on your beard hair. It could lose some hair, so this should be previously untangled to avoid this beard hair loss. Use a comb to do this.


If you have just washed, you should let the towel absorb as much water as possible. Once the beard is dry, you can proceed to apply beard oils or any specialized product.


Afterwards, setting the minimum temperature on the dryer, make the first pass to remove any remaining moisture and then with the help of the brush, placing the dryer from top to bottom, (never in the direction of the face), proceed to dry, making several passes until the desired results are obtained.


Using A Hair Straightener


Beard StraightenerYet another trick to get immediate results, for an outing for example, is to use a beard straightener. Obviously this would be for longer beards and should be applied together with the blow-drying technique.


The procedure would be to straighten with a blow dryer on the parts closest to the face, for example on the cheeks up to the jaw bone and chin. Do this over time because it will certainly require more effort to get it smooth enough.


Then on the floating parts of the beard, located at the lowest level of the iron, start going over the beard with the help of a beard comb. This will only take a few passes, as the heat of the iron is more direct than that of the hair dryer and tends to smooth the beard much more. Remember that the hair dryer is to be used to the minimum.





Another important tip is not to overuse these techniques to obtain a perfect straightening. It can damage the hair so try to use everything in reasonable amounts.


 The idea is to have the right look for any event and not inflicting damage to the hair by overdoing it. If you can spare a few minutes each day, then slow care is always advisable and gives the best results on long term basis, as compared to the instant results of hair dryer and beard straightener.


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