About Us

Several years ago we grew our first beards, goatees and even sideburns. With the passage of time, we kept going deeper in this exciting field and kindled our passion for growing and caring for beards. For early men, beard was certainly the very essence of manliness. What a beard means for a modern man? Is is this an essence of manliness and a primal instinct?  Is is it a trend for some or a fashion icon? We wanted such conversations that revolve around this passion of ours. To indulge deeper in such conversation and along the way, help everyone to grow and take care of the beards, we came up with an idea. And that was the birth of BeardStraightenerHQ.


BeardStraightenerHQ – Your beard care headquarter


Always striving for excellence. We believe that beard routines should be an act of nurturing and pleasure. We wish to make this place an extension of such nurture and pleasure. Our website users will find our articles and suggestions honest and uplifting; ensuring a positive experience for the readers. At the same time, we will be putting all our knowledge and experience about beards out there too.

The desire to create something of a substance with its own unique character ,added with brining value to our readers has resulted in BeardStraightenerHQ.com

When you visit a barber shop, you want to betaken care of , right? We want you to have the same and exact experience here with us.  It is time to grow that marvellous, straight beard that gives you that badass look you’ve been craving for!

Thank you for joining us!



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